22 September 2005


Comic: Something very interesting about Nob is about to be revealed.
Life: Yeah, going to be busy with the job finding bit here shortly.

21 September 2005


Comic: This was a late nighter, maybe one of the days I did 2 comics in a day. It makes more sense if you realized Nob should be saying, this games takes...(ingreidients
Life: Internship expires this week. I really need to get on the job searching.

20 September 2005


Comic: I do like Maku Yan's line. Maku Yan always ends up in the weirdest places. Inside hats, climbing walls, inside bottles, locked in a room, or stuck on the ceiling, his life just keeps getting odder.
Life: Not much to say.

12 September 2005


Comic: Nob isn't mean, just oblivious. He really does think like that. Expect this to be an issue later on.
Life: Internship is running out, thus I must find another job soon. Resume upadating time.

02 September 2005


Comic: I must have been either tired or in a hurry because I forgot the word bubble behind Maku Yan's speech. I will fix it when I get home from work. He's saying "now Maku Yan has all the ingredients for his secret ninja bomb."

29 August 2005

Something Different

Comic: I like the hat Nob has on today. It's a funny little thing. In other news, I'm cutting back on Nob. As of next weekend, Nob will run Mon- Fri because I want to have time for some other projects.
Life: I have contacts now. Geez my eyes look huge.

21 August 2005


Comic: I know, I know. However there's not much I can do about it right now.