29 June 2005


Comic: And Nob has eyebrows. Did you really think Nob would take something as dishes that seriously? Parties maybe, but not dishes. Plus it's fun to use big words.
Life: Not much, class is almost over. And I'm going to be in a parade on the 4th of July. I think it's a requirement that if you were in a marching band at some point in your life, you have to be in a parade on the 4th of July. Just my thought.

27 June 2005

A keen sense

Comic: Smick doesn't always know what Nob is planning, as we see today. I'm not sure he would like to know, even if he could. Expect the dishes quest to continue for a bit.
Life: Back, catching up on sleep, and generally getting back into the swing of things. One more paper for my course. It looks like it will end earlier than I thought. Which would make up for it starting sooner.

26 June 2005


Comic: I like this one, it's a total Nob comic. Hopefully I'll get more of these up in this storyliney thing.
Life: Just got back from the weekend trip. We went to land of cheese, beer, and fireworks for a little rafting. For those who don't get it, I'm talking about Wisconsin. The drive was a pain both ways and we got lost on the getting there. The rafting was fun though. There was a bunch of floating along dully, and occasionally some rapids. On the first rapids Scott and I, I was sharing a raft with Scott, went down the wrong way. I mean there was this little side way that we got sucked into. after bouncing down some rapids from bank to bank, we rejoined the main river. There sure are a bunch of spiders sitting it trees along the river. Later on, our rafting took to a pattern in the rapids. We tended to hit them striaght on like you're supposed to, then get turned sideways for the last drop and have our boat fill with water. The we'd have to pull over and emtpy the boat.
I probably shouldn't have done the body rafting. That's where I got all my cuts and scrapes, and also where I lost one of my hats. It's okay, I have more hats like that. But I even made it down once body rafting without losing anything, it was the second time that did it. Oh well.
The last run was the funnest as it was the longest, and had the craziest drop at the end. Then we all went back to camp and dried off.
The end

22 June 2005

The remodel

Comic: They've done such lovely things with the basement. I was going to make a bigger deal about the slime, like have a whole comic where Smick keeps saying basement and Lord high chief keeps telling him it's slime, but that isn't happening. Instead tomorrow starts a new storyline of sorts that should be enjoyable.
Life: I changed my mind, two extra comics in the buffer will be enough. So I am mostly prepared for the rafting trip. I am stressed. Not because work or class is hard, but because they take so much time. I don't have much unstructured "do whatever I want time" and that is stressing me out.

21 June 2005


Comic: Dual/Duel finished his chore, but as usual it didn't turn out as Smick wanted. I don' think anything ever does. On a production note, I almost have my little weekend shindig covered comics wise. Meaning I only have to do one more double comic day to keep my buffer at a week over the weekend.
Life: Weekend rafting trip coming up. Lots of work and class, but I managed to finish my paper that's due wednesday. Too many things happening at once. Blargh!

20 June 2005

Power Tools

Comic: Yeah, I don't know where wizards got power tools. For those who care, Smick is talking to Symond. At least for the wizards you can tell by the color of the text. Red is Lord High Chief, black is Symond, and grey is all the other wizards. More on what they've done to the basement later.
Life: Work 8 hours, then class 3 hours. Really long day. 'nuff said.

17 June 2005

Seeing Double

Comic: If you're confused about who's who, look at the text color. Text color is usually a good way to know who's talking as several characters have their own color. Morix, aka the resident genie, has yellow as his special text color.
Life: And my old job is finished. On monday I start a new job working 40 hours a week instead of the 20 I was working. I have just realized I have a problem. Specifically that I'm going to be out of town next weekend, and have not prepared extra comics to sustain the buffer. I think this weekend may hurt a bit.

16 June 2005


Comic: It's always the little things in life we regret, like not learning enough from our teachers. At the rate the lower wizards are learning, Lord High Chief is going to have his job for a long time. Eventuall they will get something done, and eventually Smick will find them out.
Life: Eh, take it or leave it. Though I have to say I'm not looking forward to the new Batman movie like some people are. Too boring for me, because I find dark movies boring. I am looking forward to the Fantastic Four movie.

14 June 2005


Comic: You knew things were going to go wrong from the minute Smick handed out the chore lists. The only question is, what? I hold it off because I'm at tad lazy and I was busy that night.
Life: My class persists. And I'm finishing my last week at my old job. Why must there be no strategy games coming out this time of year. Oh yes, let's wait until it's almost Christmas. Really good way to get me to not buy any games at all because I won't want to buy any of your silly games when there's six of them all coming out at the same time.


Comic: An excellent "true Nob" comic. I like comics like these where it's just Nob being Nob. These are the comics that make me laugh as I write them.
Life: I may make it through school yet! Finished a not to hard test yesterday. If it went as good as I thought, I'll make it out this summer. Unless all the hail gets me first. Stupid hail. In June for goodness sake! June!

12 June 2005

Comic: We've all got someone we know who does this.
Life: Ever have one of those times when you get a groove. I got one last night while trying to play the piano. Makes it difficult to get to sleep.

11 June 2005


Comic: Just the image of unicorn trying to use a broom is funny to me. Over the next week or so there will probably be some lazy one panel days because I'm trying to catch up on a class that I missed part of.
Life: So I missed part of a class, and showed up just in time for the first test. Study weekend!

07 June 2005


Comic: Something's up. I didn't check which one it was.
Life: So the trippy. Mostly uneventful drive down and up, though I did average about 70 mph while passing semis. Once down I checked into a motel and spent the night. The next day I went to the cookout. First off there was introductions. Best part of that was no one used their real names, everyone went by their forum handle. I did find out some of their names, but I think no one there found out my real name. heh. We barbecued, sat around, and talked a bit. While we did this we played some video games on a Cube that someone brought. After that we watched some anime. That brought us to early evening. Then we play a little bit of Shadowrun, a RPG. That took us to about 11:00pm. watched some more anime, then we all crashed. Next morning I got up, walked around a bit and surprised people by having changed clothes. Realizing what I wear, the hawaiian and the hats, it was a shocking change. Once everyone awakened, we went to lunch, then came home and burned a cd full of all the pictures and movies we took. After that a few of us hung around for a little bit before biding our hosts goodbye. Then I went back to the motel, spent the night a drove home. Much fun was had by all. The End

06 June 2005


Life: I'm back from the little shindig I took this weekend. Tommorrow I'll tell you more about the traveling gazebo I saw on the way down.

03 June 2005


Comic: Yeah
Life: Leaving for a little cookout weekend with some other keenspacers in about 5 minutes. Will be back next monday, so don't expect a response to any of the emails you'll be sending me until then.