31 July 2005


Comic: The comic stuff is fixed. Go back and read yesterday's if you missed it.
Life: Happens to be going well.

30 July 2005

Site Down

Comic: The auto script that updates the comic is down. I have a comic, siting there but you can't see it. Nor can I get at the place that will let me fix it. You may not see a new comic today.
Life: Goes on.

26 July 2005


Comic: I didn't really want to bring the flower basket back. But it ties things together so nicely. I may have to give it a spot on the character page. But first I'll have to update the character page to reflect recent additions. If you didn't know about the flower basket, go back and read the archives. The flower basket shows up early on, and dominates the story for a while.
Life: Busy! Working 40 hours a week has left me at short ends for time. Hence the lack of story and even gag progress on the comic.

23 July 2005

Sign Language

Comic: I like this one. Smick is being sarcastic if you can't tell. Sadly it sounds better when you say it out loud. Sometimes I say punchlines out loud, but I probably shouldn't because some things are funnier when spoken.
Life: Not much going on with me, just work. Though I'm in charge of systems for the next two weeks. Whoopdee do!

22 July 2005


Comic: Story stuff today. The junk heap is important, not just funny
Life: Oblah dee Ohblah da, life goes on take a sad song and make it better.

21 July 2005


Comic: Today's comic is funny, ha ha. Yeah, I have nothing to say about it.
Life: Last night, I played at the Basilica. No really, we weren't going anywhere on the parade at that point so we all faced left and played at the Basilica. Yeah, I like saying stuff like that. One other thing. You know you're walking slow when the guy with the tenor drums passes you. You know you're absolutely pokey when the tubas and bass line pass you.

20 July 2005

It's back

Comic: In case you didn't get it, it's the remove mouth spell again. Take Lord High Chief's comment in the last panel which ever way seems funniest to you.
Life: Going to a parade tonight. Actually I'm going to be in a parade tonight. Just one of the perks of being a marching band alumni.

17 July 2005


Comic: This comic is here because there wasn't enough Dual/Duel happening. As I said, telling a story with this many main characters gets a bit loopy. Did I tell you that I have a plan for them to get back? If not I'm telling you now. Now I just have to figure out how to get the story there.
Life: Not much happening. Internship continues. 40 hour weeks annoy. We got a new board game here Risk 2210 A.D. It's been fun for the one whole game we played.


Comic: Yes, the little red guy can talk. Sorta. I just realized that this makes a different joke I have coming look a little out of place. Continuity is not exactly my strong point.
Life: Myself and Linda kidnapped Carolyn yesterday. We didn't go far enough to get lost, and I was driving and navigating. All in all a good time was had by all.

14 July 2005


Comic: The punch line is a little vague in this one. Smick is wondering why he resolved Nob's dilemma for Nob because if Smick hadn't resolved the dilemma, Nob might have not been so leadership inclined. Hopefully you got that without the explanation.
Life: I wish my life was exciting, at least a little bit. But it really isn't. Stupid 40 hour work week.

13 July 2005


Comic: Such is the life of the cartoonist who has too many characters. A brief Maku Yan interlude for you all. I don't know when he'll be back. I'm also having trouble giving face time to everyone who is on the quest for dishes. I do have a plan for how they're going to get back, but it might
take a while to get there.
Life: Normal and boring. Parents came back today.

10 July 2005

Questions and out late

Comic: The football comics will continue in this vein for a bit.
Life: So I've commented about kidnapping before. Last night there was a different sort of kidnapping, specifically I was the kidnapped one. Carolyn, Jenny, Anna, and Linda showed up at my house around 9:30 pm. So I grabbed my hat and we drove off eastward. After a bit of getting almost lost, we got to where they were trying to take me. But it was closed. We drove around a little more and stopped at a Perkins. We had a bit to eat then tried to get home. Unfortunately we let Anna navigate. We ended up going around in circles(large circles) for at least 40 minutes before we got back where we started. And we didn't get everyone home until about 12-12:30. We learned something important: Leave the kidnapping to professionals. Like me.

09 July 2005

Getting home

Comic: Guess what, I don't know how they're going to get home yet either.
Life: Saw Fantastic Four last night. The naysayers are stupid. I'm sure they're find some silly little inaccuracy that "ruins" the movie, but I greatly enjoyed it.

07 July 2005


Comic: Maku Yan is being ignored, as usual. The only problem with splitting everyone up like this is the flipping back and forth makes for weird bits in the continuity.
Life: Class is done, now it's time for some kidnapping fun!

06 July 2005


Comic: I didn't say this yesterday, but for a bit now there will be alternation between the quest party and the peeps back at the castle.
Life: Class ends. Yar!

05 July 2005

What the?

Comic: The house had to take them somewhere didn't it? Later you'll see some old characters who haven't shown up for a while.
Life: Who's a geek? I'm a geek. Today when I went to work in the server room, I left the lights off for a minute or two so I could watch the lights blink.

03 July 2005


Comic: Nob's in charge, so things will be weird. Something entirely different is coming shortly. Just you wait and see.
Life: I'm going to be in a parade, along with my marching band friends. Parades are great fun, I should be in another one before the summer ends.

02 July 2005


Comic: With Nob leading, how long did you think it was going to take for them to get lost? The quest will go for a bit. Don't know how long yet, but over a week. Soon we'll run into my most annoying problem, the how do I get all the characters involved in the story when there's five of them on the quest and the rest are home at the castle.
Life: Yar. It happens. And I'm almost done with my class, just have to take the last test. Then stress will be down and I'll have most of my week back. Huzzah!